We welcomed three new girls to the Pat Smith Home for Girls in July 2019. Sirivalli and Navitha Grace are lucky enough to have already found sponsors but 10 year old Sulthan, seen here in the pink, is still looking. Sulthan's father died last year and her mother has T.B so is unable to work, making life very difficult for the family. If you know someone who would like to sponsor Sulthan, please get in touch.

Three who joined 7.7.19. 1500Pix

We are a small charity with a big challenge - supporting work among the poor in the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh (A.P.). with our Indian partners, SalGOERCO, maintain two orphanages, two schools, family and educational support, widows with children, and a small home for the elderly destitute. They also work with HIV/Aids families and landless communities.