We are a small charity with a big challenge - supporting work among the poor in the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh (A.P.). with our Indian partners, SalGOERCO, maintain two orphanages, two schools, family and educational support, widows with children, and a small home for the elderly destitute. They also work with HIV/Aids families and landless communities.

Children hoping for loving sponsors – Can you help?

 New CSO children x 9 with smiles E


Eight boys and girls entered the Children’s Homes last year and all would love your support. Could you be their sponsor?

Your support gives a child enough to eat, a safe place to live and an education, allowing them to grow and flourish in a safe environment and providing them with hope for the future.




Ashok Kumar


Ashok, age 12, says in his Christmas letter “ I like this CS Home to take good food and to stay in good building and to continue my studies…….. before to join in this home I have not interested to go to school regularly.” When Ashtok’s father died in 2005 his mother was unable to cope. When his brother died due to her neglect, Ashok’s uncle took him in. However with three children of his own he was finding it increasingly difficult to support them all. Ashok joined the CSO home in July and as a result can now continue with his education.






“My name is Kondamma. I am the smallest girl in our home ………. Thank you for give great opportunity to stay here in this wonderful building. We have some indoor playing and drawing books. Now kan read Telugu small sentences and I learn English Alphabet and I can write one thousand numbers in maths…”

Kondamma is probably 8 years old. She has an 11 year old brother. On the death of their father in 2011 the children went to live with grandparents, who were unable to send her to school. Kondamma was admitted to the CSO home in July 2015, unable to write.


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