In 1997 the young Pastor Gamaliel became concerned about children on the streets or at railway stations, begging. He opened a school in a rented house which soon reached nearly 50 pupils. But there were other children, some of them in unhealthy, low-lying areas subject to flooding the rainy season. He and his mother, Deevakarunamma, decided to take one of the rooms they were using as the school and take in 15 homeless children. It was hard to raise funds to feed them, but they persisted, until SalGO Assist began to find sponsors for the children. In 2002 the children moved into a new, purpose-built Home for 25 children. Many of those first residents, now with jobs and families of their own, will share this occasion with the present children in the two fine Homes that have replaced that little room where they ate and slept and played, and did their school homework for over three years. 16th January 1999 is the 20th Anniversary of the those first few children finding a new home.


original CSO children 2B&W

1 Yalamaiah, 2 Kondamma, 3 Ventatesh, 4 Polamma, 5 Venkateswarlu, 6 Pothuraju, 7 Polaiah, 8 Subbarao, 9 Nagaraju, 10 Bullimma, 11 P. Polamma, 12 Kotaiah, 13 Srinivasreddy, 14 Jhansi, 15 Subhani