distribution of food packets by Pastors and their wives belonging to the Pastors Protection Society to 100 families

Dear Sponsors and Friends of SalGO Assist,

We had an appeal from Pastor Gamaliel in India, for support for desperate families in Bapatla and surrounding villagers. He had nothing to give those who ‘phoned or came to his door. As a result of the total lockdown imposed by the government of India last Tuesday, the millions of day labourers throughout India are suddenly without jobs, so no money to buy food for their families. If they break the lockdown they risk being beaten by the police.

As usual when there is a crisis, SalGOERCO tries to respond urgently. They have listed 70 families from our projects for immediate support – homeless families, roadside dwellers, HIV/Aids sufferers, and those in Family Support. A pack consisting of rice, dal, cooking oil and soap has already been delivered by the SalGO committee and helpers.  Another 100 homes, chosen by local pastors, including Pastor Gamaliel, also received packs of food last week. More help is needed as this support will not last the families for long.

The lockdown continues and the need remains great. The more support we get, the deeper we can reach in the community. We invite sponsors, our supporting churches and their members, friends and family, to join with us in this Appeal. To donate, go to www.salgoassist.org and click on the DONATE button.

With grateful thanks for whatever support you can give,

Clifford Smith (Chairman, SalGO Assist)