By sponsoring a child, you are helping them to feel special and loved. Through letters and photos, you can watch them change, grow and flourish.

Your support of £25 a month provides a child with a safe environment in which to do this and also ensures they continue with their vitally important education. 

You will be helping to transform their lives and give them hope for a better future. 



Sulthan 1350pix


Sulthan is 10 years old. Her father died of heart failure in 2018 and her mother has T.B. and is therefore unable to work. Sulthan has one elder brother named Subani aged 14 years. After the death of their father both children stopped their education and they began to wander the streets begging for food. When a SalGOERCO committee member saw them in Chirala railway station he took them to back to their home, a small hut with a broken roof and spoke to their mother. When Shalem told her about the PSHG home she was very happy for Sulthan to go and Sulthan enjoyed visiting. She joined the home in July 2019 and has started her schooling in 6th standard class. She is presently the only child in the home without a sponsor.