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Your support gives a child enough to eat, a safe place to live and an education, allowing them to grow and flourish in a safe environment and providing them with hope for the future.Eight boys and girls entered the CSO Home in last year and they all would love your support. Could you be their sponsor?


Read their stories…..


Sri Lakshmi




Sri Lakshmi is 9 years old. Her brother Uppu Gobi has been in the CSO home since 2012. Their father died in 2009 and their mother in April this year. Lakshmi is a clever student, but has not been able to go to school while temporarily in her grandmother’s care. Having started in the CSO home in July she has happily resumed her education.




Kondamma (Martha)


Kondamma is probably 8 years old and prefers the name Martha. She has an 11 year old brother. On the death of their father in 2011 the children went to live with grandparents, who were unable to send Martha to school. She cannot write yet. Martha was admitted to the CSO home in July.





Ballamma is 7 years old. Ballamma’s parents were involved in a lorry accident in 2014. Her father was killed and her mother is now disabled. Ballamma is the eldest of three children and the family have no proper home. Ballamma started in the CSO home in July.





Kalyan’s father died when he was 2 months old and his mother suffered a head injury and lost her memory in an accident. Her parents take care of her and the two children. Kalyan’s grandfather is 67 and works as a rickshaw driver but struggles to earn enough to feed 5 people. As Kalyan is keen to learn, they have requested that this younger child join the CSO home so he can continue at school and he started in July.

Ashok Kumar


Ashok Kumar2


Ashok Kumar is 11 years old. When his father died in 2005 his mother was unable to cope. When his brother died due to her neglect, Ashok’s uncle took him in. How-ever with three children of his own he was finding it increasingly difficult to support them all. Ashok joined the CSO home in July and as a result can now continue with his education.





When Joseph was 2½ years his father Yesu died. In February 2014 Lakshmi married another man, Ravi, who despite earlier promises to care for them, sent them away to Narasayapalem, 350km from their home to stay with their maternal grandmother. Their grandmother is over 65 and unable to work. Some nights she goes begging in order to feed her grandchildren. Neither child was attending school. Many times she asked the CSO Home to take one boy into the CSO home, so they decided to take younger one in July 2015.    


Rajesh Babu      and   Sandhya Rani


Rajesh Babu

Sandhya Rani


Rajesh Babu is 12 years old and his sister Sandhya Rani is 9. Their father died in 2011 and their mother, unable to cope with her grief, became mentally ill, and disappeared in the same year. The children’s grandfather has been looking after the children but is unable to work. The children have therefore been sent out begging three days a week. They started at the CSO home in July and are now well fed and able to attend school again.