CS Children 

Opened in 2002 on the outskirts of Bapatla, and purpose-built to originally take 25 boys and girls, the Home is a lively and welcoming place. With the departure of the girls when their new home opened in March 2016, the Clifford Smith Home for Boys (CSHB as it is now known) has welcomed back the older boys and their resident Warden and family, and the hostel has been closed. The boys gladly show the visitor around and take great pride in the garden they tend and the hens they rear. The visitor can’t miss the notice board full of sponsors’ photos in the common room or stuck on children’s personal lockers. Considering the backgrounds from which they come – living on the streets, neglected or abused – they settle well, enjoying regular meals, schooling, medical care and opportunities for play and sports.
After education up to 10th Class in local schools, many children go on to Intermediate and polytechnic courses. Several of the current residents are foster children, whose parent or family member, usually too poor to care for the child in their own home, is required to keep regular contact.  Most but not all of the children are sponsored. There is always a waiting list of children, who need care, but we cannot take them in until new sponsors and donors are found. Personal contact by letter between sponsors and children is encouraged.  
£25 a month can transform the life and opportunities of a child.

Read what some of the boys have to say:

Avinash joined the CSO Home in July 2014. “Hello my name is Avinash. I am so fine here in the CSO Home. I am going to schools daily with all the CSO Home Children Now I can read and write good in English and my mother’s tongue, Telugu. We are very happy. When I remember my past years I had problems but now I am so happy in this home. I like to play Indian games and I like to eat chapatti with chicken. Thank you Bye”


Subbarao “I’m fine here in the CSHB. Before I joined the Home I faced many problems. Pastor Gamaliel saw my critical conditions. He took me and joined me in the Home in 1999. Since I’m staying here I’m very, very Happy. God gave me great Opportunity to continue my education in English Medium. After my 10th Standard he gave me good opportunity to complete my studies. Now I am going to I-Tech Course in electronics. Next Year I will complete my course and I will join a job in electrician.”

John “I am studying 9th Standard Class. When I joined in the CSO Home (in April 2012) I had no knowledge. I could not write even in my own Telugu language properly because I had now attended to school but now I can write in Telugu and English language. Thank you for this great opportunity.”