The Pat Smith Home for Girls (PSHG)

PSHG Children and Warden

The Pat Smith Home for Girls, purpose-built to care for up to 25 girls, opened on 27th March 2016.The Home was made necessary under new state government regulation, which require all boys and girls in institutional care to brought up in separate buildings. The 13 girls who moved out of the old CSO Home are delighted with their three dormitories, separate kitchen and dining room (“The Mother Teresa Dining Room” it says over the doorway) and improved facilities all round. They even have a small library, with photos of their sponsors on the wall. The resident Warden and his wife have their own quarters within the building. The excellent care remains the same. They can still attend their same schools and colleges. Contact between the two Homes, which are opposite each other across the road, is easy and visiting is possible. The wider range of books in the Girls’ Home is open to the boys.

After education up to 10th Class in local schools, many children go on to Intermediate and polytechnic courses.  Two girls are in nursing, one is a physio therapist and one about to become a teacher, having achieved a B.A Degree.  Four of the original girls have gone on to marry and three have started families of their own. Some of our foster children still need sponsors. Personal contact by letter between sponsors and children is encouraged.  £20 a month can transform the life and opportunities of a child.


Read what some of the girls have to say:



Polamma “When I was 6 years old in critical condition, I joined in the CSO home in January 1999. First I learnt Telugu and English. My problems went away and I worked very hard in my studies. With my sponsors encouragement I joined college for a four years (nursing) course. I completed two years recently with 80% marks. That I continued my studies after high school, it is not just my hard work. There are some important persons gave encouragement. First of all I am giving thanks to Director Gamaliel for starting this orphanage and secondly to the Smiths for introducing me to my loving (sponsor) parents and without any parents there would be no Polamma. Thirdly thanks to Wardens Shalem and Indira for their care and encouragement for my studies. They help me a lot in my life.”




Lakshmi joined the CSO Home in July 2014.My name is Lakshimi. I am happy in PSHG. I am studying 6th class and I like to go to school daily. I like to watch Telugu movies and I like play indoor games. I like to eat chicken fry.”




Manikyam “Hello, this is Manikyam. I am fine in this home. We are excited to enter the new PSHG. It is very beautiful and I like it very much. Now I am studying ninth class ….. After summer holidays I will be in tenth class.