After-school tuition is an off-shoot of the Family Support Project (FSP) and began in 2006.  Many children from FSP families had a poor record of school attendance, so it was decided to provide extra tuition in the evenings. Three nights a week, from 6.30 – 8.30pm, some 30 or so children meet in the Pentecostal Church to do homework and prepare for exams. The scheme has proved very successful, because children who were previously behind educationally have gone on to complete 10th class, with several entering training in nursing, carpentry, tailoring, driving, etc. Two of the tutors are themselves from FSP families and benefitted from AST. £15 a month pays for the cost of tutors for this programme.




Surekha tells her story…      

"My name is Surekha … when I was 4th month baby my father was died with heart attack from that time my mother faced so many problems she was decided to stopped our education at that movement SalGO Assist come forward to help …  it is great blessing to our family. Now my brother Surendra studying C.A. (Chartered Accountant) 2nd year it is very expenses but we received some support from SalGO Assist also. Through the After School Tuition I was improved in education. After finished my school hours I will attend to this tuition to do my home work and to clarify some doubts up to 10th standard I went to that tuition …  Now I am studying Intermediate 1st Year MPC (Maths Physics & Chemistry)"