For young people in the Family Support Project, who want to stay in education after 10th Class, the educational support programme enables them to go on to Intermediate level for a further two years. From there they are well placed for career studies in engineering (Roja Ramani is in her 2nd year of a 3 year polytechnic course), computer training; (Suneetha is doing on a 1 year diploma course); accountancy (Surendra in his 2nd year); English degree (Sukhanya is in her first year). Sometimes they just need the exam fees (Santhibabu and Nirosha) to re-sit failed subjects. Several others, having completed their course, are now happily employed in various trades.   

Unfortunately, there are many students we cannot support until our income increases.  Six months ago SalGOERCO identified 80 new families in need of educational support at every level, from primary to degree level.  Locally, in India, they promised to help ten families. They appealed to SalGO Assist to  support 70. We only managed to fund 3 new young people, all who had started degree or polytechnic courses and had to stop after the first year due to lack of money.  Considering the poverty in which they’ve grown up, frequently with no electric light by which to do homework, FSP students show a determination and ability to study which makes us want to respond. They have the potential to transform not only their own lives but those of their families and community.

Here are some of their stories...


"My name is Suneetha I came from very poor family we are three children. My father … is very weak so that he cannot go to his work daily and he is a drunkard, not taking care of us my mother … shall go to seasonal work in agricultural field, e.g. Harvest time, Pickup weeds. Because of our financial problem my elder brother stopped his education in 5th standard. With my interest and some of our area elders’ support I can continue my educations up to 10th standard. After my 10th class, and my brother Anil 7th class, we dropped our education because our economical status at that our bad family situations.  SalGO Assist respond immediately and open doors to continue our education in 2009 August … I was joined Intermediate Biology, Physics & Chemistry in spot admission. Thank you very much for your quick and positive response, with your loving support I completed my 2 years Intermediate course and ‘Diploma in Computer Faculty’ now I am going to PGDCA computer course I will complete this in next year hope I will get a good job. With your regular support my brother Anil completed his 10th class and he joined in Intermediate 1st year in Commerce subject."


“My name is Roja Ramani I was born in dalit (“untouchable”) family. My forefathers are drunkards as this way my father also continue tRojahis bad habit. He is a rickshaw puller per day he can earn Rs.60-80 from this amount he will take alcohol daily with minimum Rs.50 … my mother can earn some money to go work in field we have many fasting days and nights in our previous days. We are four children in our family two girls and two boys after completed Intermediate my elder sister got marriage and living another place. When I was in 7th standard SalGO Assist starts to support for my family. I never expect that I can continue my education for Engineering 2nd year! …  After completed my elementary school (5th class) studies my parents decided to stopped my education because I am a (girl) female! most of the parents thought in South India – Girls need not education after 12 or 13 years they would like to do their daughter’s marriages because parents feel- girls are more burden to them in taking care and eating food and they feel it is waste of money and time to send them to school or colleges! Even if they (girls) continue their education for higher studies they must go to another house through the marriage so, our parents thinks Girls need not education after elementary or high encouraging the backward children through this AST.”


"My name is Ravikiran through SalGO Assist U.K.’s Poor family support I have finished my Intermediate and Industrial Training Institute (Electrician) two years course now I am doing electrical work where it is available and I can earn monthly Rs. 1000- 1500 a month (£10-15)."