The passing of the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act (RTE) in 2009 has stimulated efforts in India to get all children into school. But many children from tribal families and scheduled castes still receive little or no schooling. The families with whom SalGOERCO works come mainly from such deprived communities, where children have traditionally been sent out to work to supplement the meagre family income, and where girls are more likely to be kept at home. It is not surprise that education is sometimes undervalued in such communities, and some children struggle for a while in main stream school. As government schools have improved, and also provide a midday meal, SalGOERCO has reduced its stake in primary education in recent years to one school and a special tuition point.

SalGO Assist and CAMA Church, Maarssen, Holland, together support both ventures, providing the salaries of the seven teachers. They are paid well below government teachers and we would like to increase the salaries of these dedicated people.


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Corina School, G. Ummadivaran, 100 kms to the west of Bapatla, rents a house for Kindergarten to 2nd Class pupils. The 67 pupils, enrolled for the school year which started in June 2016, are taught by three teachers.


351 Teacher and class in G. Ummadivaran school


2. Ummadivaram school

Corina Tuition Point, Narasayapalem replaced the old Corina school in January 2016. By agreement between education officials, local parents and SalGOERCO trustees, the four Corina teachers undertake remedial work with a wide age range of students from local schools who are struggling in ordinary classes, ranging from 1st to 10th Class. The government provides training for this specialised work. So far two Corina teachers have completed course: Shararoj (1-year Teacher training) and Sudarani (6 months training). 77 pupils are being taught in the current school year.  


212 After school tuition