The aim of Family Support Projects is to provide income support to the poorest families in the community, identified by fragile housing, insecure or seasonal employment, poor diet and inadequate clothing. Many children do not attend school; others have a poor school record. Often they are taken out of school at the age of ten to wash dishes in hotels, clean rich men’s homes or work in the fields, so each generation repeats the cycle of poverty from which education could release them.
Under the FSP scheme each family receives £10 a month and agrees to keep their children at school until 10th class. The families also receive health care. The scheme began in 2006 with twenty families. Several children have gone on to further education or training for jobs. Some of them tell their stories on the Educational Support page. The Project Leader is in regular contact with each family, and encourages the children with homework. After-School Tuition is provided free for some 30 children. When family income improves sufficiently for a family to leave the project, a new one takes their place.
In a 2012 survey, helped by the Pentecostal Church in Bapatla, SalGOERCO identified 300 more families in need. Sadly, only 10 could be supported locally at the time. Donations towards this project, which could transform the life chances of many more children, are urgently needed.