HIV/AIDS has been identified by the government National AIDS Control Organisation as a significant problem in Guntur District.  In the urban and rural areas that make up Bapatla (population 150,000) approximately 1700 people – men, women and children - are living with AIDS.  SalGOERCO was hoping to attract funds to embark on an ambitious 3 year programme with awareness campaigns, nutrition and employments of outreach workers but was unable to secure the fund and now aims to help just 25 sufferers.  Current levels of local funds can support only five families and outside help is desperately needed.

Our trustees have met some of these families and heard their heart-rending stories of discrimination, loss of jobs and being cast out by families, deserted by spouses, and children being shunned at school.


527 We are told that prejudice against HIV.Aids sufferers is less than