In and around Bapatla hundreds of families live on the side of the road or in fields where they have no legal right to be. They may have been there twenty years, but can be moved on when the owner needs the land. Typically, they are unskilled, employed on the land only in the rainy season, and live in ramshackle, leaky huts or in fragile palm-leaf structures with no water or electricity.  In 2012, the SalGOERCO committee members talked to many families in two such communities.

In Appikatla, 10 km north, live 25 families where many of the children have never been to school, and others have stopped attending the goverment school because of the busy road to get there, SalGOERCO promptly set up a one-room concrete structure able to take the 25 children, with one teacher. From Sept. 2014, the government school agreed to provide safe transport, allowing the closure of the temporary school. However, the children continue to benefit from SalGOERCO's provision of nutritious food, such as eggs and fruit, to supplement their regular diet, at a cost per child of approximately £5 per month. They’ve also provided new saris for the ladies and blankets.


Boinavaripalem, 12 km. to the south, has 20 such families, with 30 children up to 15 years. Only five attend school. As well as supplementing the children’s poor diet, SalGOERCO aims to provide each family with a bed – presently they sleep on mats on the floor, with the ever-present risk of infections and snake bites. So far they’ve raised locally £170 to buy 10 beds. SalGO Assist has paid for them to be strung (£100). Donations are invited to complete this project.