Elderly ladies


With no state pension, elderly people in India rely upon the family to care for them. When their children and grandchildren are themselves too poor to feed them, they are reduced to begging from neighbours, it is a precarious time, often ending in hunger, illness and a sense of rejection.

Members of the Pentecostal Church at Vedullapalle, part of SalGOERCO’s network, welcomed 7 such elderly ladies to share their building, which was mainly used on Saturday and Sunday. It was Indian Independence Day, August, 2012. The ladies cooked their food in the pastor’s kitchen (he lives next door) or on an open fire in his garden and shared the outside toilet with the church members. The arrangement worked well until the growing Church itself needed more space, and a further 10 elderly destitute women were taken in. With the provision by SalGO Assist (at the request of the residents themselves) of beds, a clothes cupboard, dining table and chairs, to make it more like a real home, it became clear that a more permanent place was needed.  Pastor Gamaliel was able to negotiate the use of the community Cyclone Proof Shelter, a large concrete building, normally used by needy families in the rainy season. The ladies moved in on Easter Day, 2017.


£70 per month. The residents are happy and feel secure. The challenge for SalGOERCO is to pay for the use of the building and the cost of electricity. If you would like to support this Home please be in touch via the contact page.


Elderly ladies cookingThe ladies cooking their meal  


   Elderly ladies meal Dinner time in the cyclone centre



Meanwhile, many elderly destitute men are living equally precarious lives on the streets, or in wretched huts along the roadside, and for the same reasons. When the former Vedullapalle school, recently used by homeless families, became available, Gamaliel offered 8 homeless elderly men the chance to occupy the two ground floor former classrooms. The Home for Elderly Men opened in August 2017.

SalGOERCO is appealing for help towards providing daily food. If you can help to raise the £10 per month for each of the 8 residents, please be in touch ………

Old men 1

All these ladies and men are so grateful and relieved to be able to live the rest of their lives in dignity, peace and security. There are plans for a permanent Home for the Elderly, men and women, but for now SalGOERCO needs all the help you can give towards the daily needs of these frail, elderly folk.  Can you help them, and others on the waiting list?