With no state pension, elderly people in India rely upon the family to care for them.

When their children and grandchildren are themselves too poor to feed them they are reduced to begging from neighbours, It is a precarious time, often ending in hunger, illness and a sense of rejection.

Members of the Pentecostal Church at Vedullapalle, part of SalGOERCO’s network, welcomed 7 such elderly ladies to share their building, which is mainly used on Saturday and Sunday. It was Indian Independence Day, August, 2012. The ladies cook their food in the pastor’s kitchen (he lives next door) or on an open fire in his garden, and share the outside toilet with the church members. At first they slept on the concrete floor –there was no money for beds - with just a mat and a blanket. In August 2013 a generous U.K. donor paid for beds at £27 each, plus a new sari for each lady. Now they are very happy, they don’t have to beg, and nobody sends them away, which has been their experience ever since they became too old to work and their relatives too poor to feed an extra mouth. £10 feeds an elderly lady for one month.

The church has identified a further 25 destitute elderly people but they cannot take them in without outside financial help. PLEASE HELP THE ELDERLY LADIES ON THE WAITING LIST TO END THEIR LIVES IN PEACE, DIGNITY AND SECURITY.