Why not buy a different present and help someone in need in India. 

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Support family


Support A Family
There are many poor families in India, struggling to feed their families. If money is short and the parents are unable to work due to poor health the children often have to find work to help support the family. Thanks to contributions from Salgo Assist 20 families now have enough to enable their children to go to school. Could you help support these  and other families?

Support a family for one month:  £10    (Code SA 004)

Foster child


Support A Foster Child

The CS Orphanage Home and Hostel in Bapatla are home to 30 children including 15 orphans. The other children were living in dire circumstances until they were taken into the home on a fostering basis. We still need more sponsors for these children.

Support a Foster child for one month: £25 (Code SA 005)


 Teacher salaryA Teacher's Salary

Salgo Assist supports three schools in Andhra Pradesh. Without the schools the children in these three villages wouldn’t have access to an education. The teachers working here do so on a much reduced wage as they understand the importance of education. Can you help them to support the children?

A teacher’s salary for one month:  £20  (Code SA 009)


Copper Pot

 A Copper Pot

Water isn't as readily available in homes and schools in India as it is here.  The purchase of copper water pots will help to provide  the children with water to drink during the day.  Copper and brass pots help to destroy bacteria in the water, making them a better method of storage.  Can you help provide water for the children?

Cost:  £20 (CODE:  SA0011)


 A Bed

Many of the poorer families SalGOERCO support do not have beds. Whole families sleep on mats on the mud floor. Can you help provide a bed for one of these families?
Cost:  £27  (Code SA 014)



Salgo Assist is often asked to help people with long term and short term medical costs. Can you help these people or can you help provide funds so we can respond quickly to the next medical emergency?

Medicines for a hospital patient for one month: £20 

(Code SA 008)


After school

After School Tutition

Most of the poorer families in India do not have the facilities to help their children with essential homework. They may not have had the opportunity of an education themselves and their homes do not have a workspace with electricity.  Can you help provide extra support for the children of these families - a place to work and some vital tuition?

3 hours tuition for 20 families:  £15  (Code SA 006)


sports equipment

 Sports Equipment

The children in India have few toys but do enjoy playing games. Both the children at the CSO home and those in the three schools would appreciate new balls, skipping ropes, cricket bats & other equipment.  Can you help provide new sports equipment for the children?

Full cricket set: £35 (Code SA 001A)  Cricket bat & ball: £10 (SA 001B)   Badminton rackets & net: £8 (SA 001C)  Skipping ropes/football:  £5 (SA 001D)

book grant


Educational Support

SalGO Assist are supporting several 16+ students from poor families with the cost of educational fees, travel and books to enable them to access further education. Can you help provide them with the educational support they need?

Educational Support for one student for a year: £50 (Code SA 002A)




In India the gift of a goat provides milk and manure. They breed easily so offspring can be sold to provide an income for one of the families we support. Can you buy a goat for a family?

One Goat:  £42  (Code SA 015)



Many Families in India struggle to feed themselves and their children due to illness or unemployment. SalGOERCO are now supporting a number of these families, including some suffering from HIV/Aids, with nutritional food of eggs, rice and fruit on a regular basis.

Additional Food for a family for a month:  £5 (Code SA 018)




Hens & Ducks

For poor families in India, the gift of two chickens or ducks will not only provide a household with a nutritious diet of eggs, but also give them some extra money by the selling of surplus eggs and new chicks and ducklings.

Two Hens:  £5 (Code SA 016)    Two Ducks:  £6  (Code SA 017)

feed for hens

Feed For Hens

The children at the CS Orphanage Home and the boys at the Hostel now have some hens and are learning to

look after them. Can you help by providing the grain to feed them?

Feed 12 hens for one month: £5  (Code SA 0010)