Pastor K. Gamaliel

SalGOERCO was registered in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh (A.P.) in 1999. Pastor K.Gamaliel, Leader of the Pentecostal Church in Jagannadhapuram, Bapatla, has a vision to care for the poor, with a ministry to body, mind and spirit. In 1998 he started a free school for 50 poor boys and girls. When children found homeless and begging in the streets were brought to him he took one of the classrooms and made it their home. It was a struggle to raise funds. Following a visit from trustees of SalGO Assist in 2001, a purpose-built orphanage opened in 2002. When the Andhra Pradesh government introduced a requirement for the separation of boys and girls in care, a Home for 25 girls was built, and opened in 2016. The first Home now receives only boys.

The objectives include “a programme for the uplift and welfare of families and groups who are deemed socially and/or economically backward and in need of assistance; … of persons suffering with physical and/or mental handicaps which may be the result of birth, disease, accident, etc.”

In pursuit of these objectives the charity runs the two orphanages, a primary school and a school for children in need of extra tuition to prepare them for mainstream education. It supports HIV/Aids families and widows, and provides educational assistance for pupils from poor families in higher education. Completed and one-off projects include small income-generation schemes, sanitation and irrigation

The charity, which has an agreed Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy, worked out in co-operation with SalGO Assist, is administered by trustees, under the chairmanship of Pastor K. Gamaliel, of Vedullapalle, near Bapatla.

Alongside his community work, Pastor Gamaliel continues his evangelistic ministry, with both inspired by the gospel message of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. He has planted seven churches, following in his late father’s footsteps. The Salem churches now number seventeen, in various parts of Andhra Pradesh Gospel workers are supported by another fund, at approximately £200 a month, not part of SalGOERCO, and therefore not appearing in SalGOERCO accounts.


Gamaliels family E

Pastor Gamaliel, His wife Tabitha Glory and their sons